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Frequently Asked Questions

Any lead that we provide, we guarantee its validity (valid = real person + correct email address). If the lead isn’t valid, we’ll replace it with a new one for free.
We have the largest and most accurate database of custom leads and tools that are powered by custom made strategies from existing large scale business owners to produce quality leads for their business. Plus, we employ specialized researchers who work in 100+ industries to ensure you get contacts and companies that fit your exact requirements. We do not use a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all approach to leads – everything we do is specialized for each client and campaign to ensure maximum efficiency when getting leads for all our clients.
Our data is verified weekly. We have developed a complex algorithm for this purpose. With this algorithm, we check the accuracy levels of our data against millions of sources and apply necessary updates.
Since the leads we provide are custom made for specific industries and requirements, it takes us a few hours to implement your campaign once your order is completed. Rest assured, we deliver your leads list within 24 hours of your order.
Yes, we sell B2B (Business to Business) email lists for your needs.
All of the records we sell have a 97% accuracy guarantee. If you encounter a lower accuracy rate, you can contact our customer support staff and we will provide you new data for free to make up the difference. View our Guarantees.
Yes: Our .csv files are supported by all CRM platforms.
We do not adjust our pricing for each customer, and we have a transparent pricing model. We aim to reach as many customers as possible, especially startups and small businesses as we understand the early stages of any business are the most crucial.
The email leads list is delivered in a .csv format that can be opened using Microsoft Excel, or Note Pad.
Our entire data pool is GDPR Ready.


Our team works hard to deliver you the most premium and up to date custom leads for your industry. If you have any questions contact us and our support team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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